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Pető Dóra önismereti tanácsadó

About counselling

There is a message conveyed by the society around us, reinforced by family, school and workplace: you can only rely on yourself and problem solving is what you do alone. Nevertheless, there are situations in life when help is indeed needed in order to move forward. One can reach out for therapeutic help for various reasons. Sometimes they need help in processing trauma. Self-awareness can also be a topic of counseling. Many can be unhappy with their life situation without necessarily knowing the reason and/or have no idea how to proceed. Some of those who come to see me long for conversations in which they receive support and are treated with empathy. One of the functions of the individual session is for you to learn tools to deal with the problems you encounter. My prevailing working method in is verbal therapy with the body in the focus, too. Traumas experienced in the past as well as patterns we have learned are both inprinted in the body. Therefore profound developement can only be reached via changes that eventuate in the body, too.

First appointment: 1) Sign up via the Contact menu item on the website 2) I will contact you by e-mail

If you live in a rural area or abroad or some other factor prevents you from meeting in person, there is a possibility to have online sessions. We can confirm the details when arranging our first appointment.

After our first session, we decide together how to continue our work. You then have several options; you can ask for a next appointment or arrange a regular one, the rhythm of which is adjusted to your needs and the possibilities of both of us. We can also agree on a specific number of sessions after which the therapy agreement can be renegotiated. I consider the participation of my clients in defining the above described process and the therapeutic framework as their right and as part of their self-determination over the therapeutic work.

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