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About me

Pető Dóra önismereti tanácsadó

I have been working as a counselling therapist since 2013. For the first few years, while working for HR department of a multinational company I had been paralelly teaching yoga, studying dance therapy and building my helper's career with individual sessions. These activities complemented each other well and the latter turned out to be convenient to keep also in the early years of motherhood. Regular practice of yoga is still part of my everyday life; I consider physical exercise to be a key in working on self-awareness, too. The feminist approach has been framing my work since 2020. As far as self-awareness is concerned, I consider the influence of the social context i.e. the system of norms mediated by our culture, our traditions and our economic and social system to be crucial. The current social system is based on patriarchal values, which are based on oppressive power structures. Therefore I find it important to explore in detail the social environment in the framework of the individual meetings. In terms of my life status I live in a relationship, raising one child with my partner. We follow the ethical principles of human rights both in our relationship and with our daughter Blanka. I am one of those lucky people who can devote themselves to other passions in addition to their work.

Pető Dóra önismereti tanácsadó

My favorite activities are swimming and reading in foreign languages. In addition to my work, since 2020 I have been working as a volunteer at the Juszt-is Teszünk Foundation where we engage in developmental education of socially disadvantaged children.


  • MA in French and Portuguese Language and Literature

  • Instructor of spine, hatha and prenatal yoga & yoga for women

  • Mediator

  • Psychodrama assistant

Ongoing trainings:

  • Naturopath, alternative movement-massage therapist

  • Feminist workshops for counsellors and professional supervision under the guidance of psychotherapist Péter Szil

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