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Pető Dóra

Counselling in English in Budapest

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I was originally a graduate in linguistics and literature, devoted to foreign languages and traveling. I loved teaching, translating and being a tourist guide. Yoga, psychodrama and bodywork have shaped me later on. I was amazed by self-knowledge as I was witnessing transformation in others and in myself. 

I became a certified yoga instructor, psychodrama assistant and mediator. Meanwhile I also became a mother; motherhood having been perhaps the greatest teacher of my life. The critical approach of feminism represented a major change in my values and principles as well as in the external conditions of my life. The philosophy and practice based on equality and protection of the vulnerable brought essential changes in my relationship and in my views on upbringing. They have by now become integrated into my counseling work. 

Counselling sessions

Anyone can face a period of life or situation where counseling, support or help is needed. In my work as counseler I represent that the behaviour of people surrounding us and our conditions have at least as much impact on our quality of life as our inherited and learned patterns. Not everything depends on your mindset. I believe that equality established in human relationships leads us to a mutually satisfying, loving, supportive and respectful life. This is an  indispensable requirement of the succesful coping with everyday challenges.


As a yoga instructor I keep my focus on the actual physical and mental state of the practitioner. There is no such thing as  "correct" asana, only the flow between body and mind. Practicing on the edge of the comfort zone is the right tool for that. Yoga is not the priviledge of the flexible and well trained but a wondeful way of physical activity and block release in body and mind as well as that of developement of self- knowledge. It's available and beneficial for anyone regardless of age or shape. 


During the process of mediation equality is essential to be able to resolve a conflict or create a dialogue between the parties. Equality however  is not equivalent to equal treatment. In my work as a mediator I consider this a basic principle to follow. In the vast majority of the cases succesful mediation means a newly established, productive dialogue rather than a resolved conflict. 


Psychodrama is an excellent tool to develop spontaneity, creativity and resilience. These qualities are indispensable in our everyday life when coping with stress, finding creative solutions for our problems and adapting to new situations. As a qualified psychodrama assistant I integrate the elements of the method in my individual and group sessions. 

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